Promote free social media pages to followlike

Promote free social media pages to followlike

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 Service and contract information 

 Before you can use this service, you must register (for free) on the site. When registering, you provide an email and password, keep them secure at all times and do not disclose them to anyone;

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 Once you submit your registration, you will be able to log in, thus acknowledging that the site has received your personal information and determining an account status

 You represent that you are at least 18 years old and legally capable of entering into binding contracts. The contract between us (the Contract) is formed only upon registration. To cancel this contract at any time, you can simply delete your account from your settings.

 You agree to receive our newsletter and occasional email notifications only if you subscribe to our mail service. Opt-in/out is available via your account settings at any time

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 You acknowledge that the Site will collect your address, browser information and device type when you log in, to help provide the Services to you

 Usage rules

 You must not use bots, auto-clickers, or external scripts on the Website.

 You should not just click to get credits. For example, repeatedly following then unfollowing, liking and unliking other sites/pages/accounts. You should only click what you want

 You should never intentionally hide your social activity. For example hide likes or subscribers. If you want to participate you must be open

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 You may not post anything: illegal, hateful, threatening, pornographic, incitement to violence, religious or political discussion, accusations, fake news, nudity, graphic or gratuitous violence, or marketing Multilevel is illegal.

 You must not post sites that: break the frame, use short, look like followers or our services or contain illegal content and/or links .

 You must not upload viruses or other malicious code or link to virus-infected sites.

 You must not use the Site to do anything that is illegal, misleading, harmful or discriminatory.

 You must not do anything that could disable, overburden, or impair the proper working of Signature, such as a denial-of-service attack.

 You must not facilitate or encourage any violations of this Statement.

 You must not encourage users to register and do enough to earn coins and/or money. This will be seen as fraud and lose all profits when discovered. 

  It is an advertising service only to bring you more coverage of your websites and social accounts. It cannot be guaranteed that any likes, subscribers, shares, followers, etc. will remain, or that your social counters will increase. It is a personal choice/opinion of the members if they want to keep them long term or the counting algorithm of the social networks.

 It cannot be guaranteed that all links provided will work. If your link is not working, it will be blocked, deleted or modified to improve the system at our discretion

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 The site reserves the judgment to delete or block addresses and accounts that corrupt other members' social exchange

Followlike Review: In depth

Followlike is a unique website. It combines a large number of services that have contributed greatly to its popularity on the Internet. Today, a large number of people use the services and tools that it provides on its platform. Thus, the improvement of social development began to occur more easily.

The platform is designed to enable customers to get the most out of their social accounts across multiple networks. It is an SEO tool that uses link building, SEO tools, and social media to help develop and promote businesses on various social networks. Founded in 2013, the site has had a huge impact on many people's businesses.
Supported networks and services
Today there are a huge number of networks, and promoting yourself in one of them is not an easy task. This special tool contains a large number of services for different networks. These networks include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Tumblr, and many more. Here are some of them

With the unique sense of promotion that Facebook provides, it is easy to achieve more with this tool. It offers unique features that support this.


Getting likes on a Facebook page or shared post is easy. By buying likes on this platform, people can start growing their account well and increase their network traffic.


Sharing photos can be really helpful. When people share photos of a brand, it shows interest. The more stocks, the more customers.


Positive comments can greatly increase your brand value on Facebook. Getting it should not be a problem because this dedicated tool offers these features.

Instagram is most people's first choice when it comes to distributing and promoting products. According to case studies, brand owners who include IG in their market plans and product campaigns tend to experience higher market sales than when they do so for other networks.


Having a lot of new followers is what almost every user on IG wants for their account. Listed brands and companies. This is something the platform can handle.


Likes don't stay behind the scenes. This particular tool is known as a very important network feature.

Users can get the most out of their accounts when they have the right number of followers, retweets, and even likes.


People may have a chance to connect with many people when they have a lot of followers on their social media profile. This is what this social tool offers.


Likes is one of the features that the platform provides to its members. With the like feature, users can easily increase the likes of the content they share in a short time.


Retweets are very important to online account growth. Followlike is fully aware of this and has committed to providing retweets to its members.


Millions of videos are shared every day on YouTube. Since so many people interact with videos online, brands can own them and market themselves to so many people who are willing to watch them.


This is one of the most reliable ways to show others how a channel can grow. With more followers comes more followers.


As the name of the feature suggests, people can receive likes sent to their channels. This may lead to more people trying to share or interact with the channel's video.


Comments are unique features that help convey what viewers think of a video. Followlike can leave a number of positive comments on their members' videos.


Views are the primary ways to indicate engagement with a video on YouTube. Here are the top must-have features for brands using the platform.

Plans and pricing

In addition to having more than a few tools on the platform, it also comes with a lot of unique plans. Prices for all of these plans vary depending on the financial budget and needs of the members.

The plans offered by the service are given in the form of coins that are spent on each order completion. These coins can be purchased using the secure payment methods that the platform uses for its members. These include PayPal, PaymentWall, and SolidTrustPay.

To use the purchased coins, customers are left with the option to add the exchange of the social network for which they wish to receive services. Below is a detailed table of platform plans and their services.

Network services in detail

Each of the networking features offered by the site is implemented in a different way. The cost of all services is the same. Which makes things better and cheaper for every site member.

Not to mention that it can also be provided for free. In fact, all that is required of members is to perform the same services for other members. They then earn coins for each exchange they make and use them to get their own free help.


The site works with Facebook users in the same way it works with users of other networks. It goes a long way in providing its members with the basic features that they may need to expand their account.

Terms and warranties

The site does not condone activities such as third party trading and opening more than one account. It may use various personal identifications to improve user experience. Learn more about how these policies work below.

terms and conditions

According to the website, its terms and conditions show legal documentation to ensure that there is a legally binding contract between them and the user. Users must be under the age of 18 and must register with the Site before using any Services. A full list can be found on their terms of service page.

No selling platform accounts.
It is forbidden to buy currencies from third parties.
Creating more than one account is prohibited.

privacy policy

The website may use web browser cookies to improve user experience. The Site may also use personally identifiable information such as your browser name, computer type, and other technical information. Uses them to improve customer service, operations, payment, and self-improvement.


The site has a return policy. The person who says no purchase can be refunded. In fact, not all coins purchased can be redeemed because coins are an intangible good.

Retention policy
The website does not guarantee that the service it provides will be preserved. It just helps connect customers with people with special interests where they can exchange a favor.

The support

Customer support is not left out. Users can provide their email address and then contact the site owners to ask questions or get answers to technical questions about the site. In addition, the site has an FAQ page where people can get answers to their questions.

Followlike quality followers

The subscribers offered by the service are not even close to being bots. These are real and natural social people who want to get new visits to their social profiles in a short time. Followlike guarantees that the subscriptions are real and genuine.

retention rate

The platform is not confident in its ability to retain customers. In fact, users have no guarantees that comments, likes, subscriptions, and retweets will be saved on their social accounts.

Pros and Cons

There are of course pros and cons associated with using this platform. All of these can be known factors that indicate whether the user prefers to use the service.

The last word

Followlike is a unique social sharing platform. The website handles customer order in a completely different way than other similar websites. In fact, users who are looking for a particular service are connected to other people who are looking for the same service. So, ensure that it is bot-free and provides organic growth and fresh clean traffic is served to its members' social accounts. The above review should be a perfect guide for anyone who wants to know if it is an authentic social tool or a scam.



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