Toloka is a site to make money from the Internet

                          Toloka is a site to make money from the Internet

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   Toluca is an online platform that launched it in 2014 to quickly encode large amounts of data, which is then used for machine learning and optimization of search algorithms. The proposed tasks are usually quite simple and do not require any special training from the performer. It is an app where you can earn money by completing simple tasks. You can rate the content of a webpage or check the accuracy of the map on your way home or out on foot. No special knowledge is required for these tasks. It is an application to earn money online without any investments. Choose missions, complete them online or offline when it's convenient for you, and get rewarded. 

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 Moderation : Check if comments follow our posting guidelines.
 Flag pages with intrusive ads. 
Category : Classification of products, images or short texts.
 Distinguish between simple and complex search queries, or good and bad image quality.
 Surveys: Polls Answer the survey questions and share your opinion about a new product or service.

 Advantages : 

Convenience : Complete missions whenever you want. It doesn't matter if you have 5 minutes or all day - make good use of your time in Toluca.
 Simple tasks : You do not need any special skills or knowledge. Everything you need to know is in the mission instructions.
 Mobile App : Are you and your phone inseparable? Use our friendly app for Android and iPhone to earn money while you are on public transport, in a coffee shop or for a walk
Withdrawal : You can withdraw money via PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer 
 Website link:  click here

The origin of the name of the platform

Previously, cleaning was a form of mutual assistance between rural residents of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. It was organized in the villages to do urgent work that required a large number of workers, such as felling trees, building houses, etc. The idea of ​​joint beneficial action to achieve a common result is consistent with the principle of crowdsourcing.

Types of tasks and scope of results

Improved search algorithms
Categorizing data helps improve the quality of searches and fine-tuning algorithms for ranking results effectively. For example, in August 2017, Yandex introduced a new search algorithm called Korolev. This is a neural network, through which "tolockers" estimates were created to train neural networks. For more than two years of service, brokers have provided about two billion ratings, which has allowed developers to significantly improve the algorithm.

machine learning

In order to "teach" a machine to solve a specific problem, it is necessary to give it a large number of examples, both positive and negative. Among other tasks, users of the Toluca service can receive tasks to describe the objects identified by the computer in the image. For example, the image shows objects that the artificial intelligence was able to recognize, but in order to use this data in work, you need accurate information about the type of objects. The AI ​​can be trained on a combination of these certifications provided by humans, who in turn will be rewarded for their work. In tasks of another type, the dialogue context is given and a measure is proposed by which it is necessary to evaluate whether the chatbot's answer in this context is relevant, interesting, and so on. Another set of tasks in Toluca is to automatically check received drafts for dictionary entries for Yandex.Translate.

Marketing audit and research

Checking the quality of the online store and delivery service and writing comments about goods and services. For example, in 2017, Toloka users took part in checking the quality of the product return service on Yandex.Market. Such experiments make it possible to control the quality of service and identify weaknesses, which will be further improved and eliminated. In another project, users were asked to write a review about a product from popular categories and provide it with their own photos. 

Choosing designs and names for new products and services

Users of the service also answer questions about choosing the most appropriate name and design for a new product or service, or the personal or consumer preferences of users. In one such survey, tolokers chose a name for Yandex's voice assistant. The purpose of the task was to identify the character traits of a girl with a given name. For the survey, they took the necessary characteristics and not quite suitable ones, and began to wonder: if a girl bears such a name, is she some kind of gentle or aggressive? The name "Alice" won the poll by a wide margin.

Payment and withdrawal of funds

Payment is made for completing tasks in Toluca - next to each task, the corresponding amount is indicated. The amount they can earn is listed next to the task. Withdrawals can be made using several payment systems: YooMoney, PayPal, Skrill, Papara and Payoneer. Also, money can be withdrawn to the mobile account of the Russian operators MTS, MegaFon, Beeline and Tele2. At the stage of debugging the process by Toluca, the withdrawal of funds can take up to 30 days, at the moment - from several minutes to several days. 
Toluca mobile app
To solve tasks that require work "in the field" (for example, go to the address and check the relevance of information about the organization), there is a portable version of Toluca . The service has two versions of the application - for Android and iOS.


Toluca users, also known as implementers or pushers, are people who earn money by doing system tests and optimization tasks on the crowdsourcing Toluca platform. At present, about 9 million Toluca users from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, France, Indonesia, India and other countries have completed more than 2 billion ratings. In 2018, more than 1 million people participated in Toluca projects. Most of the performers are young people under the age of 35 (usually students in art majors or mothers on maternity leave). Artists mostly view Toluca as an additional source of income, but many say they enjoy doing meaningful work and curating online. 

All assignments in Toluca are placed by applicants. The main customers are various Yandex teams. The main areas of use of Toloka in Yandex projects are data collection and processing for machine learning, speech technologies, computer vision, intelligent search algorithms and other projects, as well as content moderation (conversations in Yandex maps), field tasks (updating information about companies) . and organizations in the Yandex Business Directory), optimizing internal business processes (search for posts in social networks, marking Yandex by tone as positive or negative). Since at least hundreds, if not thousands of moderators are working on the problem at the same time, the results are ready in the worst case the next day.

Toluca Research

Toluca is an applied problem-solving tool and platform for scientific research in various fields. In May 2019, the service team began publishing datasets for non-commercial and academic purposes to support the scientific community and attract researchers to Toluca. These datasets are intended for researchers in different fields such as linguistics, computer vision, testing results aggregation models, and training chatbots. Toluca's research has been presented at a number of conferences, including the Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) conference, the International Machine Learning Conference (ICML) and the Very Large Databases (VLDB) International Conference. 

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