UPWORK OVERVIEW 2023 : Is the business legal?

UPWORK OVERVIEW 2023 : Is the business legal?

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What is Upwork?

Upwork is one of the oldest and most popular freelance exchange platforms, bringing together millions of employers and independent contractors from all over the world.

Before a major merger and acquisition deal in 2015, Upwork was known as two different freelance platforms: eLance and oDesk.

Upwork is an excellent example of what the modern freelance job market calls the "shared market." And while this model has proven popular for some, over the years both freelancers getting work from Upwork and clients looking to hire remote or part-time employees have also found it has certain downfalls. In this article, we aim to outline the pros and cons of Upwork, show you real Upwork reviews gathered from around the web, and give you all the information you need to answer that question for yourself: Is Upwork worth it? Or should I find a better alternative? "

How does Upwork

Upwork is a one-stop marketplace for unverified freelancers.

amazing! Sounds tough, right? Let's translate this definition into human language.

So Upwork is an independent exchange — meaning it acts as a place where employers who need to hire someone to get work done can find independent contractors who are looking for work.

Upwork freelancers can do any remote work - there are no other restrictions. This makes Upwork a one-stop platform for the freelancer. Some of the platforms on the market today are specialized, which means they only work with one or several types of freelancers. For example, Lemon.io, which only works with developers, or 99designs, which only offers designers.

Upwork freelancers can do any remote work - there are no other restrictions.

Bidding means that Upwork works just like any free marketplace: sellers can set a price they think is fair, and buyers choose the best offer. In other words, there is no "off-the-shelf pricing": you can set any price range for a project that you think is appropriate and fair.

For example, if you want to hire a freelance developer to create a mobile app, you will post a job on Upwork with a description of your project and requirements for applicants who want to apply for the job.

This job can be visible to all Upwork freelance developers who are currently looking for a job. If someone is interested in describing your project, that person can send you an offer. Upwork offers usually contain some information about the person applying, why they are a good fit for the job, and most importantly, the bid.

Rates can be hourly, which the freelancer may want to work on, or a flat rate for the entire project, whichever works best for the task.

Since there are so many more freelancers on Upwork than there are clients, you are likely to get a lot of different prices, from incredibly low to incredibly high. And according to many Upwork reviews, such a system can make the Upwork hiring process very frustrating.

Finally, “untested” means that Upwork only checks freelancers who want to join their market in terms of whether or not they have enough professionals in that field represented on their platform. Upwork does not have any special verification procedures or tests proving that the person joining the platform is indeed a professional with the relevant experience and skills.

Upwork pros and cons

Before we get down to the dirty underwear hunt, let's get this straight: eLance and oDesk were among the first companies to prove that free exchanges are what the global economy is ready for.

The merger of the two companies built the Upwork community it is today and took freelancing to a whole new level. The fact that Upwork allows millions of freelancers around the world to speak directly to customers made them a public company with the 2018 Upwork IPO (according to the Upwork Crunchbase page, the company's IPO was valued at $1.6 billion).

But despite all the good things Upwork has brought to the world, the freelance platform market has changed. Today's freelance community has higher demands and expectations, and unfortunately Upwork can't meet all of them.

Upwork Pros

The most famous freelancing platform

Upwork is probably the first place people go when they need to hire freelancers. The platform is the best choice for many, it attracts the world's best and worst freelancers from all walks of life. According to the Upwork wiki page, the platform has more than 5 million client accounts and more than 12 million active freelancers. crazy!

Great set of skills

Whether you want to hire virtual assistants, copywriters, marketing or finance experts, attorneys, developers, designers, or Upwork freelancers, they come in all shapes, sizes, and professions. Some of the testimonials come from people who built their entire team with the people they found on the platform. This makes Upwork legit for those who want everything in one package.

price reduction

As noted earlier, the bidding system allows freelancers to compete for jobs through Upwork offers that they send to clients who are interested in their projects. Since there are no specific restrictions on hourly rates, freelancers decide which rates to set themselves. Some of them decide to compete on damping, which usually lowers the price range of the platform. Unfortunately, the same makes it unwise to get a job from Upwork for freelancers with higher skill levels.

Credit card

Payment protection

Every Upwork payment goes through escrow. Once you have agreed to all the terms of the contract with the freelancer you decide to hire, and you are ready to start working with them, you will be charged. But the money will be held in the broker's account until your freelancer completes the task or reports a milestone, and you agree to the work as "done." Only then will your payments be released to the contractor. In the worst case scenario, if the person you hired does not meet or meet the requirements you set, you can refuse to accept the assignment and demand your money back.


High competition

Upwork is a very competitive marketplace. According to available statistics, the number of freelancers on the site exceeds the number of active clients by at least 3 times. As we all know, competition is good, it promotes high quality and low prices to buyers. But as we've seen over the years, the clash between freelancers from the US and those who come from countries with much lower costs of living has created a situation with two major problems: an insurmountable entry barrier for new freelancers and dumping.

The latter became a real problem for freelance exchanges like Upwork: highly skilled freelancers left the site for good because they didn't want to compete with less qualified contractors who won projects by offering much lower prices. This has led to an overall decline in the success and quality of Upwork.

Upwork scam?

Upwork reviews are full of bad stories written by former customers who have been scammed. This is because the self-employed only need to pass basic background checks, which do not include any background checks or screening procedures. This leaves every business owner wondering, "Is Upwork safe or are there better options?"

Unverified freelance translators

As a customer, you can never be sure who you are hiring on this platform. Anyone can fill out and submit an Upwork proposal for a job they're interested in, and there are basically no occupational requirements they need to meet and no way to prove that the person you want to hire is the right person for the job. Of course, you can take the time to check them out for yourself: take a close look at their Upwork profile, read testimonials from their previous clients, interview them, etc. But why bother when you can just leave the whole process to freelancing platforms. What is yours and most experience?

customer support

One of the most common complaints that can be seen in almost every negative Upwork review is the platform's customer support team and their inability to resolve any difficult issues their customers are facing. They're slow to give feedback, they rarely show flexibility or willingness to get involved with your problem, and worst of all, they seem to believe in only one thing: the house always wins.

So if you've been counting on them to stand by you, it might be time to lower your expectations.

Real user reviews on Upwork

No one knows more about a business than their customers. That's why make sure to collect the best and worst Upwork reviews from around the web so you can finally answer the eternal question "Is Upwork legal or not?".

And since the website combines two very different user experiences as a marketplace, we'll show you reviews of Upwork from the perspective of both the freelancer and the business owner. Fasten seat belts.

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