have you tried it Like4Like.org?

 have you tried it Like4Like.org?  

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If you have no idea what meal like4like.org is waiting for you. With over 20,000 likes 4 members. You can't go wrong. Once separated from society.

If you have no idea what meal like4like.org is waiting for you. With over 20,000 likes 4 members. You can't go wrong. Once separated from society. You will see your social media stats go up. I know this because I've been a member for about a year and have seen results. This is a great tool to help spread the word and increase your ratings on your favorite social network.

This community is full of business owners, musicians, webmasters, retailers, actors, personalities, vloggers, models, actors, athletes, and more!

What is Like4Like.ORG?

Like 4 Like is a well-built, cloud-powered social sharing community. This is great because you don't have to download any software. All you have to do is create a username and password. Oh, and I almost forgot the best part. You don't need cash to get started. That's right, it's free!


Below is a screenshot from one of my Facebook business profiles. This is the result of spending 1 hour liking, posting and commenting on Like4Like Network. As you can see, the traffic is flowing very quickly.

Fiverr,Upwork,DesignCrowd,scribie,SimplyHired,Designhill,TranscribeMe,Behance,Toptal,AngelList Talent,PeoplePerHour,LinkedIn and LinkedIn,Freelancer,Dribbble,

Tips for Like4Like.org

I've been a member for about a year and have learned to play the platform quite a bit. If you are not careful or do not follow the rules from the developers. You may get banned on your favorite social network. Yes, I was punished by Twitter and Facebook. As a general rule, they disable the likes and/or share features for a certain period of time. This is their way of letting you know that you are not allowed to abuse their network. If you think about it. This really keeps them safe. Here are two tips that you should read in order not to get banned or punished.

See what you share on your profile. Like 4 Like gives you the opportunity to review what you share on your profile before you share it. I strongly advise you to look before you jump. I lost my entire Twitter profile because I didn't care what I shared.

Do not be greedy! Distribute the time you spend in likes and shares. If you are silent, you will be punished. They will basically stop being able to love things if you are in a rush or do too much in a short amount of time. Slower! very important!

You have at least one profile on several different social networks. Thus, you can make exchanges on different networks in one session. This will help slow you down and reduce your chances of getting banned.

How to get the most out of Like4Like.org

Like4Like developers have made it very difficult for bots to get into their system. Thus, all exchanges are performed by people. Well, it turns out that they all are. You can really get a lot of support if you start engaging with people who like and share your content. It is very important to understand that you need to communicate with people. The L4L community opens the door and that's it.

Improve your social media profile

To really get all the good things that happen when you use Like4Like.org. You need to create amazing and eye-catching social media profiles. Here are some tips that you should really practice

Upload a profile picture! Your face is the best.

Fill in the "About Us" or "Description" section! Tell people about you, use emojis and add a good call to action in the description.

Write where you are from! L4L developers give you the ability to target people based on location. Just enter your country.

Make sure to fill in your interest. This will give others a brief idea of ​​what you like. Facilitate communication with you.

Referral program

Like 4 Like has a great referral program. If you are into affiliate marketing, then this program will be useful for you. Have to ask if you decide to join their community. Please use the links I provided in this blog post. So my L4L profile will be rewarded.

Buy social media interactions

You can log in to the site and buy points for interaction on social networks. I did this and found that sometimes the points spent did not match the number of interactions shown on my social media profiles. Some likes and posts will disappear after they are received. Most likely removed by Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube. It got really bad when they started deleting accounts from their networks. In addition, some community members will delete their interactions later. I think it's because they don't want the content they liked on their social media feed. If you are not adventurous with your content because you refuse to see something else in your feed. Like4Like is not for you. The fact is that once you buy some points or points you get in return. It will be spent on social interactions that will disappear.

So if you have nonsense on every point, this isn't for you. I've been using the system for a long time and have seen some likes and shares appear quickly and then disappear shortly after. Maybe a few hours or days after they appear. However, most social media interactions continue. Obviously, this is the control of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They need to do this to make the Like button smaller than a point.

Reporting violators

L4L I. developers have put in place a whistleblowing system. Yes, there are rules and if they are not followed. Points are deducted or your account is banned. I highly recommend reading the rules and expectations before paying in the community. Also, always report violators, this will help the community.


1. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are known to drop social interactions after community members complete them.

2. You can get banned from Youtube, Twitter and Facebook if you misuse their tools.

3. Not every point earned may be returned.

4. You still need to connect with people via messaging or commenting to make meaningful connections.

5. The social network profile that likes or shares your content may be incomplete and look fake.

6. Some of the social media profiles that community members interact with are hardly used or monitored. Kind of like shell accounts.

Tips for avoiding negatives

1. Slow down! Do 5- to 10-minute sessions at least half an hour apart.

2. Fill your social media profiles with content. Pictures and posts. Don't just post scare links on your wall. This is like spam.

3. Know the community's rules and exceptions

4. Write great reviews

5. You will get better results if people like your posts. Then invite them to like or follow your page.

6. Stay with the community for a long time. You get free points for the great work you put into it.

Like4Like.org Benefit

I think you should think of this community as a window. A window to another society or even another world. A world you may not have seen before. It's no secret that the more you use your social media profile, the more a digital bubble will be created around you. You will be surrounded by people just like you and watching the same content over and over again. Over time, you no longer see out of the bubble. Like4Like.org will bypass this bubble. I know you will see some crazy things on the platform. I really enjoy using Sound Cloud. There is a lot of music in the world and it is very cool.

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