Earn money from swagbucks

Earn money from swagbucks

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What is the  swagbucks app? 

It is an American rewards system, which pays users for completing surveys, performing small tasks, watching videos, and many other ways, as it gives you points worth approximately $0.01 on each task, and the minimum profit varies according to the option of the payment method you choose, including PayPal, or purchase Via Amazon and others, or donate to charity

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 Explanation of earning money from the program   swagbucks

Search using   swagbucks 

 The easiest way to start earning from an app is by searching, or switching your default search engine to the search engine for this site, after that you will automatically get points when you search, so that you will get 10 to 20 points for every 10 to 20 searches, which corresponds to One point for each search. If you search daily through it, you will collect a decent amount in just 5 months on your computer.

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Complete opinion polls

If you have enough time, this is the best way to earn money in an app, as these paid surveys are short and only take 20 minutes, and you will earn about 40 to 100 points from them, depending on the survey.

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Download applications and games on the phone

Points can also be earned when you download, install and open specific applications on your phone or computer, although you will often get a reward after installation, but in some games and programs earning points is restricted by adding activities in the application, there are also some paid applications that An application recommends that you purchase and install it for points, but we do not recommend it because you simply do not know whether you will get a return that covers what you spent on it or not, but rather we recommend the free application

Earn money by shopping for the site 

If you shop online, the marketing program gives you an opportunity to earn money by rating the products you buy

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invite friends

You can make passive income by inviting your friends to an app and asking them to use the referral code you sent them, you will get 300 points (but if you already earn another 300 points in your first month), and also 10% of what your friends earn.

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Complete daily objectives 

You find the “Task List” option on the left side of the screen containing eight different tasks per day, you can earn money by completing each of them daily task, in addition to additional rewards when you complete a certain number of tasks.

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Play some games online

If you are one of those addicted to games, this is the perfect choice for you, as it allows you to download their own games for free, and when you reach a certain level, you will start getting money, and every game of the program begins with the word Swag, for example, if general knowledge is preferred for you, we advise you to apply, Just download the game for free and answer the questions correctly, and when you reach the end and win, you will get a prize that may reach $ 1000, but if you make one mistake, you will be disqualified directly.

Subscribe to certain services

Subscribing to services such as online games or TV, or free trial versions, may give great rewards, but it is not recommended to pay money to purchase services, but it is better to subscribe to free services, unless you want to purchase services before.

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Watch the videos

It has become possible to profit by watching videos that the platform determines. It is not available on all days and hours of the day, but it remains an option worth mentioning, as the user listens or watches a video such as ads on news content or other rapidly spreading clips, and if you are not interested in the content that Provided by an app, it can run in the background while you work on something else You are expected to earn 2 to 3 points per playlist and it often lasts between 15 to 30 minutes There is a 150 point limit per day that you cannot exceed with this method

Are they legal?

Swagbucks is legal. Some people claim that this is a scam, but these claims seem to be confused with survey ineligibility and low payments, which will be explained later. Swagbucks has a rating of 8.3 from 12,909 reviews on Trustpilot.

Although Swagbucks is a Prodege brand, it does not have a Better Business Bureau rating. However, Prodege is rated BBB A-. They have 551 complaints and a low 5 star rating of 5 with 519 customer reviews.

How much will I earn?

You won't get rich or even make enough money to live using Swagbucks. Think of it as something better than a simple change.

To give you an idea of ​​earnings, most surveys take about 20 minutes. But you must also be eligible for each survey. Depending on the site, it may take several minutes to fill out a form only to be dismissed, which affects the number of surveys you can complete in an hour. Roughly speaking, expect to earn just under a dollar an hour.

At the end of the month, that means a few bucks. For aggressive people and those who have a lot of time, a steady double-digit income is definitely realistic.

Swagbucks also has other ways to make money besides the ones mentioned above. Here are all the ways to earn SB Points:

Purchases with cash back

Watch the videos

Special Offers (Discover Swagbucks)

Print grocery coupons

If you're not on your computer, don't worry — you can still use Swagbucks through their mobile app. When you stand in line or just want to kill some time, open the mobile app and earn some money. You need to make sure you have about 20 minutes of free time, depending on the activity.

survey board. When you look at surveys, the best paying ones are the ones that pay more and take less time. Swagbucks lets you sort through surveys, making it easy to find the best value.

Video tip: When you watch a video, you can kill two birds with one stone. Watch videos in the background and continue searching or taking surveys in the foreground. This allows you to earn points in two different ways at the same time.

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