Earn money from mini-tasks via clickworker

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         There are two ways you can sign up: via the app or on your favorite device's browser. We recommend using the special smartphone app and following the guided registration tour: You can also follow this link to register on your computer, laptop or smartphone as well: . Download the app

You will see the following screen 
 Click No, not yet.
  Your first steps will be to select the country you currently live in, your native language(s) and your gender step by step you will be asked to provide more information to create your account, such as your date of birth or the username you would like to use. 5. After completing all the steps, you will receive an email to activate your account. Once you do that, you can explore the app for the first time

 You can also follow this link  click here  to register on your computer, laptop or smartphone as well:

 Registration through the site is divided into two parts.
 Make sure to fill in your details truthfully. Please provide your correct name and choose a username that is still available
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Please keep track of your date of birth, the country you currently live in, etc. 4. Click Finish and Submit and check your account activation emails.
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 After activating your account, you will be able to log in and see the workplace and job listing for the first time

Website link  click here

What is click factor?

Clickworker, founded in 2005 in Essen, Germany, is a micro-job site for people who want to make small money online. This is similar to Amazon MTurk and Swagbucks, two companies Clark.com previously reviewed.

Clickworker became a trademark in 2010 and opened to the public in 2011, according to Bloomberg. Clickworker claims that the company hired more than 2 million people in 2020.

The fact that Clickworker pays is well documented, as you would expect from a brand that is over a decade old. It is easy to conclude that Clickworker is legal in this regard. But is it a good idea for you?

How does click maker work
Clickworker gets the job done in minutes, not hours.

If you have a good command of the English language and have access to the Internet, a smartphone and a computer, you will be able to perform a number of "small tasks".

You will become a contractor if you join Clickworker. Therefore, if you want to receive payment, you must complete Form W-9. The form requires a Social Security number, full name, and home address.

To register as a Clickworker, you must be at least 18 years old.

Once you create an account, there are three ways to earn money:
Complete tasks with Clickworker.
Answer surveys on the Peanut Labs partner site.
Complete missions through the Universal Human Relevancy System (UHRS) partner site.
When and how will I get paid with Clickworker?
In the US, PayPal is the only way to withdraw your earnings.

According to Clickworker, a minimum deposit of $10 is required before you can start paying. You can withdraw funds only once a week.

There are other payment options if you live in Europe.

How much money can you earn with Clickworker?
I've found testimonials from other people who claim to be making $8 to $20 an hour with Clickworker.

I can see how the lower end of this range could be doable, especially for specific tasks. And there may be harder, higher paying jobs that did not exist when I tested the platform.

However, I put in about eight hours working and earned $33.25, averaging $4.16 an hour. And that doesn't include the 90 minutes I spent filling out forms, running qualification tests, and trying to figure out the flaky user interface.

Let's take a closer look at the three main ways to make money on the Clickworker platform.

Ways to make money with Clickworker
You can earn $5 for every Clickworker referral you make as long as the person earns at least $10 through the platform.

Other than that, there are three main ways you can make money on the Clickworker platform.

Clickworker Review: Tasks In Place

It's easy to miss, but Clickworker's website has a "degrees" section. In theory, if you pass the assessment, you will gain access to more difficult and higher-paying assignments.
The only class available to me was the UHRS entrance exam. More on this later.

Of the nine days I was logged into my Clickworker account, eight of those days had many tasks available. But the other day I only found out about some of the tasks available to me on the platform.

During my Clickworker review, I made money online on an authentic platform like this:

Shoot a 360-degree video of my car, including my driver's license, for artificial intelligence (AI) training. To get this job done, I had to use the Clickworker app on my smartphone. Compared to the time I had, I made the most money doing the AI-related tasks that Clickworker offered.
Write how to read a series of phrases in English. This mission was only available on my smartphone only.
Test search results for multiple words or phrases. I have been able to achieve this on my laptop. Clickworker required me to open a browser, search for specific words, find a specific website in the results, note the results page and rank on that page in which the word or phrase appeared.
Potential delicate tasks for a Clickworker would also include proofreading, writing, mystery shopping, and app testing. I haven't met any of them.

Clickworker Review: Earn More With UHRS

UHRS is a collective freelance work platform. The main work involves "data tagging". Clickworker seems to be sending a large number of workers to UHRS.

You have passed the two-part UHRS acceptance test on the Clickworker platform. Essence: A 21-question English proficiency test. Given 21 sentences and one missing word, she filled in the blank with the correct multiple choice. It was one of the easiest exams I've ever taken.

I wish I could say the same about the UHRS platform. I found a lot of work there: rating images, managing inappropriate forums and article comments, reviewing and optimizing search results, rating images for watermarks, and more.

However, nearly every UHRS assignment requires a "training" in which you can go through examples and get feedback on whether you made the right decision. And then, in most cases, you also pass an unpaid 'qualification'.

I have always found qualifications challenging. For example, in one task, I was asked to compare two theoretical results with images (each 'result' containing multiple images) for specific search terms. The results of the two images often looked almost identical.

One photo showed Justin Bieber trolling with the brand's logo in the background, and a photo in another set of hits showed Bieber posing with someone else. UHRS asked me to name two sets of image results on the spectrum—something like Clearly Better, Slightly Better, Neutral, Both Bad, No Images Shown. I did my best to pick the correct classification, but failed every available qualification attempt.


On another occasion, I qualified for a task only to have my qualification disqualified when I failed to maintain a certain percentage of correct answers.

The user experience with UHRS is outdated. If you qualify for the task, you will need to find it in a long list and click on Start. I was only able to complete a few iterations of each mission before booting back to the home screen and having to search for the mission again.

Sometimes I clicked on a task I was working on 30 seconds ago and was told the task was no longer available. If you wait and refresh the site, sometimes this task becomes available again. But trial and error is the only way to find out.

In order to access UHRS, Clickworker required me to sign up using one of two specific email addresses the site had set up for me. Then I had to create a password. Clickworker assigned an ID associated with a previously created email. I had to access UHRS through the Clickworker homepage. I ended up arriving every eight hours.

Adding to this frustration, I found that your Clickworker account has a 28-day delay with the payment you receive via UHRS.

Clickworker Review: Surveys via Peanut Labs

Clickworker also links to Peanut Labs, another separate site, from its homepage.

Peanut Labs is an affiliate site that offers paid surveys. However, as far as I know, I haven't made a dime from surveys after taking dozens of them.

When you log into the Peanut Labs website through Clickworker, you will not be able to view your earnings. On the first click, you can see several lines of survey options, as well as how much they pay and how long they take to complete.

Once you click on the survey, you will be taken to the Peanut Labs system. But there is no home page. If you are not eligible to participate in a survey (or should have done so), Peanut Labs simply offers you the option to "accept/decline" for another survey.

Once you have completed the entire survey and received a message that Peanut Labs has already received the maximum number of respondents.
Is Clickworker worth your time?
Based on my Clickworker review, the answer is...maybe. I suspect that if I continue to work on the platform, my hourly rate has increased over time by a decent amount of $4.16.

In terms of making money online, especially for flexible, do-it-yourself work like completing surveys, it's better than a number of other options. Personally, since I have other sources of income, I will need to earn a lot to feel worth sacrificing time with my family.

It seems very clear that, at least in the US, Clickworker is good for getting some extra pocket money, but not necessarily for replacing your main job.

Clickworker Pros

Here are some Clickworker pros:

Good variety of tasks. You can sift through several tasks and focus on the ones you like best, as long as there is enough work to do at the moment.
Good reputation for strong email support. While checking out Clickworker, I didn't encounter any major issues that required email assistance. But some other reviews indicate that Clickworker responds quickly and helpfully to questions and concerns that workers send via email.
The forum is available to help Clickworkers. The company has created a forum where employees can ask questions and communicate with each other. I didn't notice the forum until late at night and it requires another registration process so I didn't explore it much.
It can work directly from a smartphone. Many of the original Clickworker tasks are only available on your smartphone. But it is useful if you want to pass the time and earn when you are away from your computer.
Disadvantages of click factor

Here are some of the negative aspects of Clickworker:

Reputation for intermittent job availability. This wasn't usually a problem when I tested Clickworker. But obviously the amount of work available can be somewhat spotty, especially if UHRS isn't hiring more workers.
High bounce rate for tasks/surveys. I spent hours trying to answer surveys for money and trying to qualify for assignments based on UHRS.
Relatively low hourly pay. Whether you make $4.16 an hour like I do, or about $8-10 an hour, that's still less than the minimum wage in many states.
Some adult content. The Clickworker and UHRS platforms contain some adult content that may be moderated, flagged, or dated. You can avoid most of this by choosing a different task.
It requires personal information. If you're worried about handing over your social security number, home address, and other data to an internet company in Germany, you may feel uncomfortable with Clickworker.
Final thoughts
I wasn't rich from my Clickworker review, which shouldn't surprise you.

But if you're stuck in line at school, waiting at the doctor's office, or on the phone with a distant relative, there are less productive things you can do to pass the time.

You can probably pay for one or two meals a week without spending a significant amount of time on Clickworker.

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